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Executive and professional education

Welcome to Cambridge's executive and professional education portal. If you're looking for programmes for individuals and custom solutions for organisations, we aim to get you talking to the right people about what you're looking for.

CISL: G20 Leaders issue paper contributed to by CISL

5 September 2016

CISL's Centre for Sustainable Finance was invited to serve as Knowledge Partner to the G20 Green Finance Study Group, reviewing the practice of financial institutions in integrating environmental risks into financial decision making. A paper has been published containing analysis and recommendations for the future.

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IfM: Developing successful people, capabilities and businesses

22 December 2015

Judith Shawcross, Head of Professional and Executive Development at the IfM, explains why manufacturing and technology companies need scientists, engineers and technologists who can operate at a strategic business level, work across functional divides, and integrate their technical knowledge into business planning.

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EPE News Feed

How an Executive MBA can help those working in the charity sector

5 December 2016

Tom Ellum of Marie Stopes International is studying for his Executive MBA with assistance from the Sainsbury Bursary Scheme, a scholarship aimed at those working in the charity sector. Tom (right) with his brother If you look at the industry make-up of an Executive MBA programme, you would be right...Read more

Cambridge Business Magazine: Which do we trust more ‘fin’ or the ‘tech’?

1 December 2016

Banks need to address trust issues as they face new digital challenges, says Robert Wardrop, Executive Director of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge. “As attention focuses more and more on privacy and security issues in light of recent data leaks, parties perceived as...Read more

Cambridge Business Magazine: Cryptocurrencies can help the world’s poorest

1 December 2016

Many of the world’s poorest poor don’t have access to a bank account and yet depend on being able to transfer money across borders. Garrick Hileman from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance says developing markets such as sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and former countries of Soviet...Read more

A time to venture?

1 December 2016

High risk and a leap in the dark – venture capital isn’t for everyone. How can anyone seeking to invest in it gain a better understanding of the risks and potential rewards? For the investor who wants to add a bit of spice to their dealings, venture capital looks like the perfect solution. The...Read more

Grant for LIFNanoRx

30 November 2016

Venture that fights Multiple Sclerosis through ‘NanoMedicine’, supported by Cambridge Judge Business School, gets £1 million new funding. LIFNanoRx, a venture supported by Cambridge Judge that fights Multiple Sclerosis (MS), will receive £1 million to support its pioneering global solution to treat...Read more