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Executive and professional education

Welcome to Cambridge's executive and professional education portal. If you're looking for programmes for individuals and custom solutions for organisations, we aim to get you talking to the right people about what you're looking for.

Endorsed open programmes

Providers offering courses under our executive and professional education umbrella have the option of applying to have them endorsed by the Board of Executive and Professional Education.

Endorsement is awarded to those programmes that have the full support and commitment of the Department and the University, and that are fully resourced and quality assured, i.e., those of the highest quality.

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EPE News Feed

Award for Faculty historian Cathy Burke

27 January 2015

Cathy Burke has been appointed as the MacGeorge Fellow at the University of Melbourne. She will spend Lent term with the School of Architecture at the University. These prestigious Fellowships are open by invitation to artists, performers, writers or researchers in the visual, creative and...Read more

Royal Society Partnership Grant for ICE biologist

27 January 2015

Royal Society Partnership Grant for ICE biologist Dr Ed Turner, Academic Director for Biological Sciences at ICE, has recently been involved as Scientific Partner in a winning Royal Society Partnership Grant with the Simon Langton Girls’ Read more...Read more

‘Indirect’ learning

27 January 2015

Concern about executive ‘brain drain’ from developing countries is misplaced. ‘Indirect’ learning in mature markets crucial to developing-country firms’ growth, says research co-authored at Cambridge Judge. Concern about a “brain drain” of executives from developing countries who work in mature...Read more

Cambridge Network: Entrepreneurship education in China

27 January 2015

Cambridge Judge Business School’s Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) has agreed a two-year partnership with the Shanghai Art & Design Academy (SADA) to design and deliver customised entrepreneurship programmes for educators and students. Read the full article []Read more

Evening Gazzette: Public to decide on UK’s best banks

27 January 2015

The UKs first awards to find the nation’s best bank and financial products has been launched by Teeside online review site founder Mike Fotis is the driving force behind the awards. Mike Fotis is a Management Studies Tripos 2009 alumnus of Cambridge Judge...Read more