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Innovation: are you picking up the signals?

30 March 2017

*/ Take a moment and think about what the word innovation means to you. Does it conjure up thoughts of ground-breaking new ideas, disruptive technologies and examples of the latest, ground-breaking tech-entrepreneur? Professor Stelios Kavadias of Cambridge Judge Business School recently addressed these questions in his ‘Making Innovation Happen’ webinar.

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Digital disruption in banking

21 March 2017

Banks may be relatively unaffected so far by digital developments in finance, but that could quickly change owing to the trust factor, argues Robert Wardrop, Executive Director of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School.

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CISL: G20 Leaders issue paper contributed to by CISL

5 September 2016

CISL's Centre for Sustainable Finance was invited to serve as Knowledge Partner to the G20 Green Finance Study Group, reviewing the practice of financial institutions in integrating environmental risks into financial decision making. A paper has been published containing analysis and recommendations for the future.

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IfM: Developing successful people, capabilities and businesses

22 December 2015

Judith Shawcross, Head of Professional and Executive Development at the IfM, explains why manufacturing and technology companies need scientists, engineers and technologists who can operate at a strategic business level, work across functional divides, and integrate their technical knowledge into business planning.

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EPE News Feed

Boosting cybersecurity

16 August 2018

A group of MPhil in Technology Policy students at Cambridge Judge Business School suggest ways to increase adoption of a new European Union cybersecurity certification framework. [L-R] MPhil in Technology Policy students, Glenda Michel, Sam Kee, Thanel Voigt, Moritz Kleinaltenkamp, Peter Cihon A...Read more

Industrial policy (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

15 August 2018

The financial crisis has revived the notion of industrial policy in the UK. But how is it different today from the ‘discredited’ policies of the 1970s, and do we risk betting on winners once again? L-R: Alan Hughes, Michael Pollitt, Michael Kitson In this episode, joining podcast series host...Read more

Prose on investing

13 August 2018

Article co-authored by Elroy Dimson of Cambridge Judge is included in a new book, The Best Investment Writing, Volume Two . Professor Elroy Dimson An article on “The evolution of equity markets” co-authored by Professor Elroy Dimson , Chairman of the Newton Centre for Endowment Asset Management (...Read more

Defining DLT

13 August 2018

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance publishes the “Distributed Ledger Technology Systems” report to provide a common terminology and framework for distributed ledger technology (DLT) systems. The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) at Cambridge Judge Business School, University...Read more

Limits of drug repurposing

13 August 2018

Drug ‘repurposing’ has some high-profile wins, but a new study at Cambridge Judge Business School shows how hard it is to find entirely new uses for existing molecules. The “repurposing” of existing drugs can be valuable, but a new study at University of Cambridge Judge Business School found that...Read more