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Executive and professional education

Welcome to Cambridge's executive and professional education portal. If you're looking for programmes for individuals and custom solutions for organisations, we aim to get you talking to the right people about what you're looking for.

Endorsed open programmes

Providers offering courses under our executive and professional education umbrella have the option of applying to have them endorsed by the Board of Executive and Professional Education.

Endorsement is awarded to those programmes that have the full support and commitment of the Department and the University, and that are fully resourced and quality assured, i.e., those of the highest quality.

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CISL: Business can benefit from sustainable management

17 February 2015

A report produced by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, in partnership with a number of corporate leaders, argues that businesses can benefit by sustainably managing their interactions with the environment.

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EPE News Feed

AstraZeneca and Cambridge Judge Business School announce collaboration to identify and support biotech start-ups

3 March 2015

AstraZeneca and the University of Cambridge Judge Business School today announced an agreement to deliver a new “Accelerate Cambridge Life Sciences” programme at the business school which will identify, train and mentor start-up ventures in the life sciences. The partnership underlines the...Read more

What are some of the most important science experiments? Naked Scientists

2 March 2015

What are some of the most important science experiments? Michelle Ellefson presented the first psychology experiment on memory to the Naked Scientists as part of a show about important science experiments through the ages. This first memory experiment, published by Hermann Ebbinghaus in 1885, was...Read more

What is the Point of Playing?

2 March 2015

Is play a way of learning, or nearly a way to release excess energy? Members of the Faculty of Education's Psychology & Education group will shed some light on the topic. In this talk, our panel, led by Dr Sara Baker with Dr David Whitbread and Dr Jenny Gibson, will discuss types of play...Read more

Zohra Khaku, Founder & Editor of Halal Gems

26 February 2015

The halal food market is worth around £1bn a year in the UK alone. But it’s still not easy to find halal restaurants – something entrepreneur Zohra Khaku is aiming to change. Zohra Khaku It all started with a Groupon addiction, says Zohra Khaku ( Cambridge MBA 2008). She was eager to take up the...Read more

Book now for our annual Open Day at Madingley Hall on 2 April 2015

26 February 2015

Book now for our annual Open Day at Madingley Hall on 2 April 2015 Join us for our annual Open Day on Thursday 2 April 2015 , at our home, Madingley Hall. This celebration of continuing education Read more...Read more