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Executive and professional education

Welcome to Cambridge's executive and professional education portal. If you're looking for programmes for individuals and custom solutions for organisations, we aim to get you talking to the right people about what you're looking for.

IfM: Developing successful people, capabilities and businesses

22 December 2015

Judith Shawcross, Head of Professional and Executive Development at the IfM, explains why manufacturing and technology companies need scientists, engineers and technologists who can operate at a strategic business level, work across functional divides, and integrate their technical knowledge into business planning.

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Discussion paper for Cambridge's executive and professional education provision launched

22 September 2015

The Board of Executive and Professional Education's Strategy Working Group has launched a paper outlining the benefits and opportunities of being involved in executive and professional education provision.

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EPE News Feed Study identifies different ways to help social businesses grow

22 September 2016

A new study by researchers from Cambridge University has identified four key strategies and two methods for social businesses to scale up, which could help them reach many more of the four billion people in developing countries who could benefit from the services of such businesses. “Social...Read more

Venturing forth: Language rescue

22 September 2016

An entrepreneur enrolled in the Cambridge Social Ventures programme, part of the Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge, seeks to save endangered languages from extinction by encouraging new people to learn them. Inky Gibbens It’s a bit of a mystery where the Ainu people living in northern...Read more

Cambridge TV: Cambridge entrepreneurs – Academy of Magic and Science

20 September 2016

In the fifteenth of a Cambridge Entrepreneurs series on Cambridge TV, the Entrepreneurship Centre’s Luther Phillips meets with the Academy of Magic and Science team to chat about their venture and hear their ideas. The venture aims to use magic as the vehicle to encourage children into science and...Read more

The New York Times: ‘Trust your gut’ might actually be profitable advice on Wall Street, study says

20 September 2016

Traders can performed significantly better if they trusted their ‘gut feelings’ according to a news research co-authored by Dr Ben Hardy, Fellow in Management, Finance and Physiology at Cambridge Judge Business School. The research led by the University of Cambridge compared the interoceptive...Read more

Helping social businesses to grow

20 September 2016

Study by University of Cambridge researchers identifies four strategies and two key methods for scaling up social businesses in developing countries in order to meet huge unmet needs of more than four billion people. Social businesses can play an important role in developing countries in addressing...Read more