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Executive and professional education


FAQs for prospective course participants

I'm interested in studying a course about leadership. How do I choose a provider and enrol?

We recommend that you find out as much about the providers and courses as you can. Some courses seem similar, but are actually clearly differentiated. Each provider has its own character and feel, too, so you might feel more comfortable with one rather than another.

Once you've chosen a provider and a course, you can either fill in our open programme enquiry form, which will send an automated email to one or more providers, or you can contact a provider directly, using the details on our providers page.

I would like to study an MBA but I can't find any information on your website.

The executive and professional education courses listed here do not include degree programmes such as the MBA, or any other University awards; this site is restricted to non-award-bearing courses. However, the University offers a range of professionally-oriented degrees and awards, including an MBA. Please visit the Cambridge Judge Business School website for details of the MBA. Please visit the ICE Master of Studies (MSt) website for details of the two-year part-time MSt degrees.

Can I apply and study online?

Many providers offer online application for their courses, but there are only a small number of courses available to study online at this stage.

Where will the course be held?

The bulk of the courses are held in Cambridge, but some are online, and some are in other locations.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

A certificate of attendance can usually be provided upon completion of non-award-bearing courses.

What is the difference between 'award-bearing' and 'non-award-bearing'?

An award-bearing course means that you will receive (or have made progress towards receiving) a formal qualification that is nationally recognised. A non-award-bearing course is one that is perhaps shorter, with no formal qualification attached, but is not of lesser quality or usefulness.

I'm the CEO of an organisation, and I'm looking for a solution to give my leaders expertise in a certain area of our business. Can you help me?

Please visit our custom solutions page, and complete our short form to begin the conversation about what you're looking for and how we can help you. We will work with you to discover how best to help you achieve your goals.

Can a bespoke solution be accredited by the University?

A bespoke solution, one that is closed to a pre-determined group, cannot be accredited for a University award but it could be considered for Board of Executive and Professional Education (BEPE) endorsement. A certificate of attendance can usually be provided upon completion of a bespoke programme.

I would like to have a course designed for me as an individual. Can you do that?

Unfortunately not. If you wish to study as an individual, you will need to select one of our open programmes.